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Nowadays lots of people like cycling for sport and fun, however not all of them are aware what sort of clothes is good for cycling. It is a significant issue when we take long distances journeys.

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We have got lots of types of bikes, there could be custom bicycles, city bicycles or mountain bike, nevertheless constantly there are few parts of equipment that every single cyclist should have: a nice helmet, special shorts, a special T-shirt, good shoes and socks and alternatively a backpack. Let’s read a few information about these objects. A helmet should be solid, light and aerodynamic. It is the most important item for cyclist safety. Nowadays in a large number of European states wearing a helmet is obligatory. Helmets are produced in many various models and colours, but it is nice idea to have it in bright colours, then we are more visible (having this type of helmet).

Shorts can be airy and have a special supporter to safe the cyclist during the ride. Good shorts are very skin-tight legwear, they lower wind resistance, draw sudor away from the body, compress the legs. One of the most popular T-shirts is a jersey model, but non-professional cyclists can buy an usual T-shirt for cycling in any sport shop. Much more important than jerseys are the special shoes for cycling. There are many types in these sort of shoes. The decision which model we should buy need to depend of type and intensity of cycling. The essential characteristics are: rigidity (for transfer strenght from the cyclist to pedals), weight and things which support fasting the shoe to the pedal. One of the best soles are those which contains carbon fibre. It is a fantastic idea to ask some expert which type of shoes we may purchase, is it for cyclists on mens city bike or custom single speed bikes (and so for mens city bike the clothes may be not as great quality as for long-distance journeys).

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